Clean Cotton Candle
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Clean Cotton Candle

29.99 CAD
SKU: AJS-220206


Medium fragrance.

Hand poured candle made from soy wax.

Scented with premium oils, the scent quickly diffuses through a room.

You should consider using soy candles rather than paraffin, as paraffin is a petroleum derivative.

Wax: 100% biodegradable soy wax 100% vegetable composition obtained after extracting the oil from the soybean without GMOs, without pesticides and not tested on animals.

Soy wax candles do not emit toxic or polluting substances during their combustion.

Emits little or no unpleasant smoke.

Do not throw away your container when the candle is finished.

You can simply clean it with warm soapy water and your container is ready for use again!

The soil included with the candle allows you to reuse the container and grow herbs. Once the container is cleaned, simply put water on the tablet of coconut compost and put the seeds. Keep moist and in a sunny area. Let grow. Taste!

Coconut soil and seeds included.